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It’s 2015. When it comes to organizing photos and videos, we know there’s a better way – where finding your favorite days is an indulgence, not a headache. That means pictures all in one place, flashbacks to memories, and seriously worry-free cloud storage. We’re committed to making an intelligent app, with common-sense sorting and searching options that knows what you need and what you want. Because unforgettable moments should be relived anywhere, at anytime.

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“You're always taking snaps, and this is a seamless, easy way to protect them.”

Mac Life

“Picturelife’s robust feature set is absolutely worth the money for users looking to ditch the desktop entirely and make their digital photo library entirely cloud-based.”

Mac Life

“At nearly every turn, Picturelife makes it convenient to view, edit (filters, rotation, or caption/description), rate, and share images.”

Our story

In late 2010, long time friends Charles Forman, Jacob DeHart and Nate Westheimer started a conversation about digital photos and the state of their digital archives. Their photos were scattered across devices and services, and their desktop apps had become kludgy and unmanageable. Meanwhile, the cloud storage companies in the market were great at storing Powerpoints and Excel files, but did not have the focus or understanding of how to store and create meaning from large personal photo collections.

Early the next year, they decided to found a company dedicated to proving a smart, digital home for their photos and videos, and Picturelife was born. In 2011, the team grew to include some of the world’s best engineers, working diligently on a comprehensive and durable platform, and, in 2012, the team released the first private beta version of Picturelife.

Since that launch, Picturelife became one of the most critically acclaimed cloud storage companies in the field. In 2012, Picturelife became one of the first cloud storage providers to provide RAW photo support, deduplication and similar sets in the cloud, and in 2013 the company became one of the first to extensively support video as well. In 2014, Picturelife again broke new ground for cloud photo storage upon it’s 3.0 release, when it became the first to offer truly unlimited storage and shared family accounts.

As of January 2015, PictureLife has been acquired by StreamNation.

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