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About us

We're passionate about protecting pictures.

The Picturelife team is a group of accomplished software engineers and designers that came together to solve a frustrating problem that everyone has: keeping our pictures safe and secure. It takes a fraction of a second to capture a memory that's meant to last forever, but just an instant to lose it to a thief, data corruption, or natural disaster. That’s why we built Picturelife.

We’ve been working hard to make Picturelife the service we always wanted. We want our pictures safely backed because we're afraid of losing them. We value our privacy so we built Picturelife to be private and secure by default. And we're always on the go, so we made Picturelife accessible from any computer or device with an Internet connection.

Our team

We're photographers, engineers, and entrepreneurs.

Nate Westheimer

Co-founder, CEO
Nate grew up loving photography and in his teen years, with the help of his dad, he built a dark room in his basement. When he was sixteen, a bad batch of chemicals ruined the black & white photos he snapped at Utah’s National Parks and he swore off photography for years. Now he trusts Picturelife with the photos from his Olympus OM-D.

Jacob DeHart

Jacob’s first digital camera was an Olympus C900. The ability to take photos whenever he wanted without having to worry about developing film changed his entire outlook on photography. Jacob’s goal for Picturelife is simple: make the process of saving pictures as easy a process as taking pictures.

Joe Walsh

Bitwise operator
Joe cut his teeth capturing the world through a lens in his high school's AV club. It was there he discovered the joy in crossing the line between art and technology. He's been a Mac user since then, which blossomed into a love of writing Mac and iOS software.

Keith Brisson

Software developer
Lover of tea and ergonomic keyboards.

Chris Holt

Supreme Allied Commander of Technology, CTO
Chris has taken at least one photo a day with an iPhone for the last 5 years, but now uses a Nikon 1 V1 for capturing his more important memories.

Dan Bretl

Mobile developer
Dan worked as a professional photographer for several years until he remembered that he was far too introverted for the job. Since then, Dan has been devoted to app design and development on the iPhone and iPad (though you can still find him quite often wandering the world with his dog and his Nikon D3).

Amy Chiaverini

Head of Customer Happiness
Amy is committed to providing you with the best possible Picturelife experience. Questions, ideas, feedback, pictures of your adorable cats - send them all to her at amy@picturelife.com (She also wants to remind you to check out the new user FAQ.

Phil Machalski

Creative Director
Has kid.

Piotr "raigex" Leja

Android & Destroyer of Worlds
Piotr has katanas and so it's probably best not to mess with him.

Drew Cummins

Rhinocerosaurus & Co-flounder
Favorite song: Rihanna - Diamonds

Charles Forman

Advisor & Co-founder
The idea for Picturelife was knocking around Charles’ head for nearly a decade. Photos from his first digital camera were lost in a file transfer a few years back, leaving him with an incomplete record of some of his favorite memories.