Super Secure

We use the same encrypted SSL security technology that banks use for their websites – and everything is stored redundantly so you’ll never have to worry about losing any data.

Video Support

Don't worry about file size or resolution. Picturelife backs up all your videos including anything you shoot in 1080p HD or other hi-res formats.

RAW File Support

Picturelife displays most image formats—including JPG, GIF, TIFF, PNG, PSD, and even RAW. We back up the original format for our premium subscribers.

iPhoto and Aperture

Sync albums and ratings, as well as changes you make to your iPhoto or Aperture library. This way, you can use the programs you like best - and still be safely synced in the cloud.

All in one place

Forget hard drives - on your desk or in the cloud. Picturelife syncs the pictures on your desktop and your phone so you have a smart home for photos.


Sometimes you want to share pictures. Just not with everyone. Now you can share easily and privately. Plus, Picturelife Share auto-fills recent addresses so it’s lightning fast.

Frequently asked questions

Here's an introduction to how Picturelife works. For more specific help, check out our Support site